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MYTTC Jul 2017

Trainer: Nouf Marwaai
Category: MYTTC

Open: Thu Sep 14, 2017

Number of Week: 12

0 AM - 0 AM

monday, wednesday, thursday, sunday,


Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are categorized into two types, The first level yoga teacher training course, YTTC and the master yoga course MYTTC.

The master yoga teacher training course is a specialized masters training program which can be enrolled into after the completion of the basic YTTC followed by a commitment of continuous yoga practice with AYF supervisor before they are allowed to join the Master yoga teacher training course. However, the required time period for yoga practice may vary for different individuals, as some students may require more time for sufficient yoga practice and understanding of yoga teaching skills and aspects.
Some masters spent 3 to 5 years before they get certified and some get certified and approved and they are still training under guidance of AYF’s president, Nouf Marwaai.
The master yoga course focuses on in depth study of yoga great masters methodology of teaching and practicing yoga and many masters biographies and yoga teachings. The course also focuses on dynamic anatomy & physiology classes and in depth studies of yoga’s effect on various body systems. Graduates have to complete 105 questions essay style exam to be certified.

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