Arab Yoga Foundation

Our Board

Arab Yoga Foundation, our board members, representatives and executive members work as a single unit, in close collaboration. We put in combines effort to ensure that we are able to offer safe, more responsible and efficient yoga practise in Arab countries. Our board members are dedicated yogis and they work as a team to promote safe yoga practices in the Arab region. They are a team of devoted yoga practitioners, aiming to facilitate the yoga education in Arab countries. They are a group of professionals, hailing from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities united by the sole purpose of establishing a safe and efficient yoga system of education and teaching.

Arab Yoga Foundation is a result of the efforts of renowned yogacharya, Nouf Marwaai, who has achieved a distinguished stature as a yoga practitioner and trainer. She is a highly experienced and expert yogi, who on the basis of her knowledge and experience has been able to set a benchmark for safe yoga practice in the Gulf region. She is a leading authority over yoga practice and training and is qualified to efficiently and professionally train and certify yoga teachers.

Nouf Marwaai holds years of experience in yoga practice and is an expert in the field. On the basis of her extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge regarding yoga, Nouf Marwaai has dedicated herself to teach safe yoga practices and devise an effective curriculum that is able to meet all the established standards of safe yoga training. She has laid the foundation for an efficient system for learning safe yoga practices, integrating her vast knowledge concerning yoga practices, human body systems and human body functions. She is able to expertly associate and incorporate her understanding of the human body systems and functions with safe yoga practices and ancient philosophy, to introduce and set a benchmark for yoga practise and teaching in the Arab countries.

Nouf Marwaai has combined her dynamic and diverse knowledge, pertaining to various fields, to set the basis for a systematic structure for safe and efficient yoga practise and teaching methodology. She has a deep understanding and vast experience of working in the fields of clinical psychology and yoga philosophy and practise, and on the basis of her comprehensive knowledge she has adopted a novel approach to develop an organised structure for teaching and practising yoga to benefit the mind and the body, which is highly effective in every aspect.

The yoga practices and teaching introduced by Nouf Marwaai meet all standards of excellence, in terms of scientific and philosophical approaches.